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Program Description

For candidate businesses

Targeted business development program
In order to improve the standard of living and underpin sustainable economic growth, the support of strong Hungarian businesses is a top priority for the Hungarian Government. The objective of the economic development program (GINOP 1.1.4-16), the Hungarian Multi Program which is executed by IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd., is to promote the development of SME’s with high growth potential, and which produce innovative and exportable goods and services. International research shows that small and medium-sized businesses that satisfy the above criteria, but which make up only a small percentage of all businesses, are a key driving force of the economy.

Additional information on the program aims and procedures.

Customized support

The businesses selected to participate in the program receive high quality development support, tailor- made to suit their specific needs. This allows them to effectively improve their international competitiveness and build their brand. They receive all the professional support they require in the form of a close partnership, whether it be organizational development, workflow improvement, business planning or product and service development. Manufacturing companies are also eligible for resources to execute knowledge transfer, as well as equipment development to drive their complex projects to success.

Registration and the successful completion of the Hungarian Multi Program pre-qualification process is a pre-condition to gaining access to the development resources.

Additional information on the development resources are accessible through the program.

Conditions for eligibility

Businesses that satisfy the following criteria are eligible to participate in the Hungarian Multi Program:

•    qualify as micro, small or medium-sized businesses;
•    have concluded at least four complete financial years;
•    have at least 5 employees (2018) and;
•    have achieved at least HUF 100 million in sales revenue (2018).
In terms of their net sales revenue, they should also satisfy the following criteria:
•    medium-sized companies are required to show a 20 percent average annual growth rate in sales revenues during the prescribed period (2015-2018);
•    micro and small businesses are required to show a 100 percent average annual growth rate in sales revenues during the prescribed period (2015-2018).


In terms of their net export sales revenue, they shall also satisfy the following criteria:

•  net export sales revenues for 2018 of at least HUF 50 000 000;
•   an annual average growth rate of 50 percent in terms of net export sales revenue and higher than zero average growth rate in net annual sales revenue during the prescribed period (2015-2018).

Only businesses with their official seat, premises or branch located in the less developed regions (meaning outside the region of Central Hungary) which plan the implementation of their development in such location, with development plans outside the scope of agriculture, forestry, fishing or activities registered under TEÁOR [NACE] codes ’08 12.00, 05.10-09.10, 19.10-20, 24.10, 30.11-12 and 33.11-20, are eligible to participate.

The Hungarian Multi Program emphasizes the unique values of each business

The program targets high growth potential micro, small and medium-sized businesses with their official seats or production sites in the convergence region, whose management is committed to further major development and partnership-based development projects.

Proposals for the attention of selected candidates with development plans...

Selected candidates with development plans may select a specialist service provider within the framework of the Hungarian Multi Program I by following the five simple steps below:

1.    IFKA shall send the user identification codes required to access the pre-qualification platform and the certified specialists to Candidates that have passed the diagnostics;
2.    The Candidate shall complete the online pre-qualification form, in the course of which the Candidate shall gain access to the certified specialists website (https://mmp.ifka.hu/szakertoi-portal/companies) relevant to the service categories indicated in its development plan.
3.    The Candidate shall make initial contact with the potentially required specialists for a consultation on their expectations (e.g., the number of consultancy hours, exact field of specialty, expected results and timeframe, etc. for the services);
4.    Once the Candidate has successfully coordinated with all specialists in the service categories indicated in its development plan, it shall select the desired specialists for each service category on the pre-qualification platform.
5.    The Candidate shall submit its pre-qualification application to IFKA after having completed the pre-qualification form on the online platform.

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